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In order to offer training and development professionals the opportunity of getting acquainted with the ROI Methodology™ we organize various incompany workshops throughout the year. From analyzing reports to Business Alignment and ROI. Don’t wait until your clients or colleagues challenge you to prove the value of your department or business unit or demand that you demonstrate the value of a training and development program. Attend this workshops! It will help you to make sure you are a step ahead of them.

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ROI Certification Program

Learn how to demonstrate the value of ‘learning’ yourself!

What do you need to convince your management that educating people is not a cost, but an essential investment? How do you show that your department actually adds value to your organization? How do you measure the value of learning and how do you calculate its Return On Investment? ROI Institute Europe offers you the opportunity to follow the ROI Certification Workshop, in which you will learn how to demonstrate the value of ‘learning’ yourself!

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What are the results?

Results of the ROI Certification Program:

  • You have a demonstrated ability in conducting an ROI impact study.
  • You earn the prestigious Certified ROI Professional designation after having successfuyll completed your own ROI impact study.
  • You can organize a one day workshop on the ROI Methodology in your own organization.
  • You are a substantial advisor and partner, able to demonstrate the value of learning- and thus the value of your department – to all stakeholders

As an additional benefit, participants become a member of the ROI Network, the leading resource on the application of the ROI Methodology around the world. As a member of the network, they will be authorized practitioners of the ROI Methodology and entitled to give one-day workshops in your own organization. They also have access to the Members Only area of our website with access to additional tools and resources shared within the ROI Network community.


During the 10 week (online) ROI Certification Porgram you learn to identify the impact and ROI of learning for your organisation. You will practice with analysis, reporting and presentation of results, and learn how to structurally implement the ROI Methodology in your organization. You are also going to get to work with an impact study on your own practice.

During the ROI Certification Program:

  • You apply the ROI Methodology to one of the learning / HR programs in your organization.
  • You calculate the ROI and explain its meaning.
  • You learn how to measure the contribution of your learning / HR program.
  • You learn how to enhance its results and improve its effectiveness.
  • You practise reporting skills and presenting data.
  • You explore how to implement the ROI Methodology within your organization.
For whom?

For whom is the ROI Certification Program intended?

For learning and HR managers and for professionals who want to measure the impact and ROI of learning programs, whether it’s a management training, a sales training or a change program.

In which organizations can the ROI Certification Program be applied?

The ROI Methodology is appropriate for business, financial institutions, government, training institutes, health care institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Practical information

Dates:                     April 2th – June 11th and September 24th – November 26th

Lenght:                   10 week program (online with 2 live meetings)

Fee:                         € 3.750(excl. BTW) including course materials

Location:                Groenekan, The Netherlands and Online by Microsoft Teams

Language:              Dutch

Facilitator:             Klaas Toes

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