ROI Study: Effect trainingsprogramma KLM ‘Anytime for you’

vrijdag 21 december 2018

Na het volgen van het ROI Certificeringsprogramma hebben Marty Aarts (KLM en Stephan Obdeijn (EMC performance) een ROI study uitgevoerd over het effect van het trainingsprogramma van KLM "Anytime for you'. Op dinsdag 18 december hielden wij een ROI Community Event om 2018 met z’n allen af te sluiten en onze nieuwe ROI Certified Professionals de kans te geven hun ROI studies te presenteren. Hieronder volgt een korte samenvatting van de ROI Studie bij KLM: ‘Anytime for You’.


As of July 4th 2017, KLM has started a new service for Food & Beverages (F&B) in the World Business Class from Amsterdam to Johannesburg and vice versa. Among others, each passenger can adjust the service schedule to his/her own preferences. KLM’s intention is to improve customer experience resulting in a higher NPS (net promotor score) and repurchase intention. Cabin crew needed to be trained before executing the new service. An e-learning, a one day workshop and a performance support app were developed. The app was used to perform the tasks during flight correctly.


  • Comparing scores for F&B items and cabin crew to previous months and Year over Year indicate that this initiative has a clear positive effect the passenger satisfaction with F&B and cabin crew.

  • Comparing the results pattern with World Business Class passengers on an almost 100% comparable flight to an other destination where the new service is not offered, increases our trust in the positive effect on F&B and cabin crew caused by Anytime for You concept.

  • The satisfaction with efficiency of the service was not improved.

Conclusions and recommendations

  • Already in the first half year the program and training costs involved were almost earned back. Measurement of a longer period in 2018 might result in a positive ROI

  • The study shows strong indications that the Anytime for U service on the route AMS-JNB is successful.

  • The improvement could have been caused by the more special attention and not the specific service. This means that the improvement on the satisfaction can be temporary.

  • To validate the findings in the study better, data for a longer period of applying the service is needed and data from more routes (already planned).

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